Bad times, good people

(Thanks to The Endless Faculty Meeting for the link to this article)
I said this after 9/11, I said it after the tsunami in December, and I’ll say it again: times of crisis bring out the best in some, the worst in others. People open their hearts and wallets for the victims of disaster in New York, Indonesia, and Louisiana, providing the support needed to help survivors remain survivors, both physically and emotionally. Others descend into a Lord of the Flies/Mad Max style of post-Apocalypse chaos. The very worst begin to salivate at the opportunities to profit from the destruction and heartache. Fraud artists. Price gougers. Looters. I hope that all of them burn for eternity. If there is justice in the universe, they will.
Mamacita over at Schiess Weekly says:

…All my life, people have teased me about my bleeding heart. Believe me, my heart is bleeding all over the place over this tragedy.

Not for the thieves, though. For the decent people who are being devastated twice: once by Katrina and again by their fellow man.

No, my heart is not bleeding for the thieves.

The thieves are scum.

I can’t help but agree.

This situation will show us that people are stubborn and resilient: New Orleans will be rebuilt, life will go on. One hopes that lessons will be learned, and this particular tragedy will not be repeated. Mardi Gras 2006 will be a sight to behold!

I admire the human spirit, our willingness to go on with life, to grieve and to live on, to thumb our noses at adversity and tragedy time and again.
I am disgusted by the willingness of others to take advantage of tragedy, to use dispair, destruction, death to their own selfish ends.
I hope the good in us wins out more often than the bad.


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  1. Mamacita on

    Thank you so very much for your kind words, and for the link. Much appreciated!

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