How long should it take?

Here in California, teachers need to be certified CLAD (Cross Cultural Language Acquisition and Development). I finally managed to meet the requirements to apply for the CLAD certicification and in August sent the paperwork to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

As of 5 minutes ago, my application was “pending evaluation.”

Come on! I sent in the application, a copy of my test scores, and a money order. How long should it take to evaluate that? Five minutes? Yet the CTC’s web site says 75 WORKING days. That works out to some time in late November. I sent the application in mid-August. It’s been a month and a half now, and I’m still waiting!

I understand that they have a limited budget and staff. But should it take this long? Geez!


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  1. Polski3 on

    Hey, my credential expires in Feb. 2006. In early July, I went out to our local county office of Ed. to take care of renewing my credential. The credential tech told me to come back and see them IF I hadn’t heard back from Sacramento by December. THATS Freakin’ ridiculous! Here in mid-October, no manila packet from Sacramento, yet.
    I bet physicians and plumbers don’t have to wait so long for their state licence to practice!

  2. Mr. C on

    It is ridiculous. It’s been a week since I posted, and still showing “application pending evaulation.” What do they have to do? I’ve already got a credential, so I’m in the system. All they need to do is check my test scores, and I sent them with the app. Should take all of 5 minutes, no matter how understaffed they are.

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