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Today’s Homework: If I Touch It, It Explodes. Graycie at Today’s Homework posted about some bad luck she’s had with the mechanical objects in her life, and I wanted to offer my condolences. Unfortunately, her commenting to her blog is currently limited to team members, and I’m not a team member. So, respectfully, I’ll submit my comment here.

I would first like to offer you my condolences on the injuries and deaths of your mechanical family members. Be strong, you’ll get through it.
As to your offer of long-distance voodoo on something I’d like to see “explode,” I’d like to submit my school’s PA system for your special treatment. The only days of peace we’ve had thus far this year were the two when the phone/PA system was out of order. It was truly blissful! So, if you wouldn’t mind, my colleagues and I would be forever in your debt if you were to send a thought or two in its direction.



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  1. graycie on

    Thanks for the heads up — I didn’t know that the comments had changed on my blog. It’s fixed now.

    I will think dreadful things at your PA system — here we go:(mmmmmgrrrrmmmmrhuuummmrhuuummmgrrrrr). There.

    Speaking of PAs — it may not be a blessing to have it broken. Ours has gone out, but that hasn’t stopped admin from trying. The darn thing cuts on and off at random. Sometimes someone can get two or two-and-a-half sentences out before it dies. Then they try to fix it. THAT gets through just fine — “Testing, testing, one, two, three.” Then sometimes it cuts on and sounds come through. Sounds like someone beating and scraping an old window screen with a barbecue fork and a hammer. With bells.

    Can’t wait for the new building.

  2. Mr. C on

    You know, it’s not the administrators who use the thing. It’s the secretaries. They come on with “Announcement: will student (insert name here) please report to the office, (repeat student name) please report to the office.” Then, less than a minute later, it’s a repeat of the SAME FREEKIN’ ANNOUNCEMENT! Our campus is large enough that NO ONE would be able to get to the office and check in and find out who called them in the time it takes for them to repeat the announcement.
    Even worse are the obvious ones: “Attention, teachers. The bell you just heard was to inform you that a bell would be ringing. To repeat, the bell you just heard was a bell to inform you that a bell would be ringing soon to inform you about a bell.”
    I’m sorry, but if you’re too stupid to know that the damn bell was supposed to mean, you’ve got no business on my campus at all. If you think I need to be told twice to do something, don’t ring the f-ing bell in the first place, and just make an f-ing announcement. Why ring a bell THEN make an announcement?
    I swear, sometimes it’s the little things that piss me off the most.

  3. graycie on

    That stuff is one of those things that ruins a lesson — kids (especially junior high kids) have such a hard time keeping the thread of a lesson through all of that. Not to mention the difficulty of following a lecture delivered through a teachers clamped teeth and rigid jaw muscles.

  4. Fred on

    I’ll second the request on the PA system. Blow it up. Not one single person (except the secretary who abuses it) will miss the darned thing.

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