Nothing to do with teaching

Blogosphere, meet Daisy. Daisy, meet the Blogosphere.
She’s not very smart, but she’s a good dog. I rescued her from my campus about 7 years ago, and she’s been our companion ever since. She loves our kids- after all, their spills have fed her well over the last few years- and they like having her around. All she asks of us is regular meals and occasional attention, and in exchange she gives us unconditional love.
What more could we ask for?


3 comments so far

  1. Fred on

    Hello, Daisy. Nice to meet you. Do you have a blog yet?

  2. Mr. C on

    Hi, Fred. I don’t have my own blog, as I lack the flexibility in my digits to type. Maybe podcasting will be the way for me to go!

  3. Fred on


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