Still workin’ it

Had interview number 4 today: 3 firsts and a second. Got a call from the district where I had the second; didn’t get the job I was applying for, but they want to interview me again for an opening at another school.
I have to admit, it’s good for my ego that they want to try me out for another opening… I completely understand that choosing an assistant principal is kind of like choosing a pair of shoes; it’s really important that the fit is right. I’m not egotistical enough to believe that my skills automatically make me fit with any principal, but I’m confident enough to think that I’ll be a good fit somewhere, and the fact that they want to “try me on” with another team is a good sign.
Still, I am exhausted by this process, the uncertainty of my situation for next year, the stress of the interview process. It’s hard to put my fate, over and over, into the hands of others.
I know will all work out, and I’m taking to heart the message within a book I read this year and finding the power of losing control of my situation.
I must be very powerful; I’ve lost lots of control!


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