The Tally So Far

Here’s where I am at this point, job hunt-wise:
Applied: 8 districts (plus 4 more I’m in the process of working on)
Interviewed: 3 districts
Call backs: 1 district, 2 times (didn’t get first opening, but called again to go after another one)
Paper-screened out: 2 that I know about for sure; may be 2 others that just aren’t telling me about it.
Out-right rejections: 1 so far, but one of the jobs I interviewed for is flying again. That is NOT a good sign!
Jobs pulled by district: 1
On the current position: I spoke with the Superintendent on Thursday. He was very sympathetic, said nice things about the district’s opinion of me, and that he hoped I would have a spot with them next year. Also offered to call a friend in another district and put my name in for openings they may have. I said, “Yes, that would be great!” He is waiting on some direction from the Governing Board as to how they want to see the slightly-improved budget for next year used, so I still have a chance at a my job existing next year. (Sidenote: I wonder if organizing a “Contact the Board” campaign to keep my job would work? I’ve heard from several sympathetic parents… Nah, probably not a good idea.)

Like I’ve said before, I understand the situation. It’s not personal, it’s personnel.But that understanding does not make this uncertainty any easier to take. I’m not freaking out over the situation, at least not yet. I figure more jobs will open as districts get a clearer picture of who’s going to be where in what capacity next year due to promotions and other attrition, and I don’t think I’ll be too nervous until later in the summer.
My wife, on the other hand, wants to see ink on a contract before the end of this school year. I can understand that, too.


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  1. "Ms. Cornelius" on

    Too bad that this kind of crap happens. We had LOADS of openings round here, but at the HS level.

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