It’s official

I had the honor of being introduced to the governing board of my new school district this evening. I say that without sarcasm, honestly. I heard some very nice things said about me, which is always good, and met some nice folks. While I don’t particularly want to go somewhere else, the decision was made for me by the state of the economy here in southern California, so off I go, and it’s up to me to make the best of it.
Found out tonight, also, that I’ll be the summer school principal at my new school. That should be an interesting experience. Never done that before, and wasn’t really planning on it, but it an AP’s job description it usually says something to the effect of “Other duties as assigned.”
Guess this falls into that category!
You know, the part that makes me feel sorriest for myself (not a major part of my psychological makeup, but something I feel obliged to acknowledge) is the fact that my summer break has gone from something like 12 weeks as a teacher, to 7 weeks in my current job, to about 3 weeks at the most. I suppose it’s time for me to grow up and have a big-boy job now.


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