Dear Steve,

[An Open Letter To Steve Jobs]

I have to admit, I’m a little annoyed at you. Well, more accurately, at the Apple Store.
Let me explain.
First of all, I’m no zealot in the Great OS Debates. I believe that there’s plenty of room for Windows, Linux, and OSX(+) in the world of computing, each with its pros and cons. I don’t believe that either you or Bill G. are supermen come to save the world of the home computer user, but instead are extremely talented businessmen who have enlisted the support of dedicated followers. I’m fine with that. You make your pile of cash, Bill makes his, and the rest of us just live with what you decide to give us. Again, no problem.
But, here’s why I’m annoyed: I’ve decided to make the switch from Windows to Mac. It’s no religious conversion, and should Bill come out with something new and super-cool I could very well switch back, but for now I’m going over to the other side.
Steve, I want to give you some money. Not just for my computer, but for my wife’s as well. That’s two new MacBooks I’m looking to acquire.
Now, perhaps I’m naive, but I figured if I went to the Apple Store, I’d be able to get my new machines quicker than ordering online. I wanted to upgrade from the 2 gig memory to the 4 gig, and from the 160 gig hd to the 250 gig. That’s an upgrade cost of $300/machine I’m talking about.
I didn’t expect that the store would have these machines lying around, retail floor rents being what they are, but I thought that I’d be able to order in the store and pick them up there in a few days. This works for me, because the Mrs. and I both work so there’s no one at home to sign for new computers being delivered. I could have them sent to work, but it’s the end of the school year, and I don’t know for sure when they’ll arrive and if either of us will still be in the office to get them, so that’s not a great option either.
Turns out, you can’t order at the store and pick them up later.
I told the nice young man working for you, Steve, what I wanted. He told me to order online. Even offered to show me how. “Thanks,” I said, “but I’ve already been on the web site. That’s how it is that I know I wanted to upgrade the memory and hard drives.”
I know how to use a stinking web site, Steve. I’ve done it hundreds of times. Even to order computers, much like the Windows machine I am using RIGHT NOW to type this. If I’d wanted to order online, I would have done it and avoided spending the time and gasoline to visit your retail establishment.
Steve, I’m still going to give you my money, because I think the product you are offering is the best to fit my needs at this point in time. But you are not winning a convert; you are temporarily gaining a customer. If you want to keep me, you’ve got to impress me, and so far…
…that ain’t happening.


Mr. C.


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