The year has ended

…And I am now 2 days away from my last day in my current position, and will spend one of those 2 days at an all-day meeting in my new district.
I’m feeling kind of conflicted at this point. On the one hand, the new position pays more and carries the title of Assistant Principal, as opposed to my current position which, while the job is that of an assistant principal, carries a title that makes everyone think I’m a guidance counselor. On the other hand, I didn’t ask to leave this job (it was eliminated due to budget cutbacks, and I’m the new guy on campus), it’s in the county I’ve spent my entire career, and where I have a good reputation. Not to mention, the school where I work now is only 3 miles from my home. That’s about 15 minutes including the stop at my kids’ school for drop-offs in the morning.
I’ve struggled a bit with this change, mainly, I think, because I wasn’t really ready to make it, but instead had it thrust upon me.
I’ve come to terms with it, though; my new principal seems great, the new district has a good reputation in the area, and they tend to promote from within so advancement opportunities are there. My commute will be only 10 miles, which isn’t bad at all by Southern California standards, and did I mention the money? That comes with an extension of my school year of 15 days, cutting my summer vacation to 2 weeks from 7.
All in all, I’m ok with the way things have worked out. Silver lining, and all that. Now I’ll just make the most of it.

I’ll try to keep you posted!


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