I have recently learned that my new school district has iPhone 3Gs for issue to administrators. Cool, no?
When the iPhone first came out last year, and with all the hype of the 3G’s release in July, my initial reaction was, “Nah, I’m happy with my Palm and my current cell provider.” Yeah, the iPhone did a lot of really cool things, and its “WOW!” factor is undeniable, but I really didn’t feel the need for one. I even took pride that my usual “Gotta-have-the-bitchin’-new-toy” reaction was supressed. After all, my Palm was still new and functioning just fine, I didn’t need access to the ‘Net while out-and-about all the time, and I had no problems with Verizon, so I really couldn’t justify to myself (let alone the Mrs.!) spending $400 on a new cell phone.
Then, last week, I heard about the iPhones from the district. Other administrators had already received theirs, and took great pleasure in flashing them around at a meeting we attended. My covetous urges started to emerge, and, all of a sudden, I WANTED ONE! My fellow AP and I felt left out, excluded from the party all the cool kids got to go to, and we wanted in.
That particular feeling hasn’t gone away yet, and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these things, but I’m starting to ask myself, “What’s the big deal? How is this going to change my day-to-day existence as a middle school administrator?” I realize that potential exists with this tool, but I need some guidance and direction. How do I use the iPhone to make my life easier? Why do I need this, above and beyond wanting it?


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  1. Scott Elias on

    You’ve probably heard this before, but the “iPhone experience” is tough to quantify until you’ve actually used it.

    I, too, was like you initially and I have every Apple product known to man. Even my “old” iPhone was a game-changer. And with the 2.0 update and all the apps, it’s truly something I couldn’t live without at this point.

    After I got mine, my mom of all people said she was thinking of buying one and wanted me to explain to her what the “big deal” was. I said that I could not articulate the “big deal.” She would just have to try it for herself.

    A couple weeks later, she called me on her new iPhone and said, “You’re right. You can’t explain how cool this thing is.”

    So my prediction is that once you get it you’ll get it. Know what I mean?

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