It’s a great day for teachin’, Bob!

I was watching the Red Sox get pounded by the Rays yesterday, and at the end of the game the usual expert panel post-game show came on. Cal Ripkin was one of the commentators, and I was reminded of all the retired pro athletes who do the color commentary and post-event analysis of sporting events.
Then the thought struck me: Wouldn’t it be cool if retired teachers did running commentary and post-lesson analysis for current teachers? Imagine this scenario:
“We’re joined in the studio by Mrs. Johnson, former 4th grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary School, to help us analyze Mr. Simmons’ math lesson for today. Welcome, Mrs. Johnson.”
“Thanks, Bob, I’m glad to be here. Mr. Simmons did an admirable job today in the math trenches. Let’s go to the tape… Here we can see him introducing 2 column multiplication to his students. Watch as he goes to the whiteboard…”
“But what about here, Mrs. Johnson, when Simmons obviously missed little Timmy sneaking a peek at the answers in the back of the book before he raised his hand to answer?”
“Well, Bob, Mr. Simmons is only a 2nd year teacher, and Timmy’s been pulling that same trick since 1st grade. Fortunately, Simmons has Suzie in his class, and we all know what a great undercover agent she is. Watch here, she’s raising her hand and pointing at Timmy and his book! He’s totally caught!”
You get the idea.
ESPN, I’m waiting for your call offering me the executive producer job for this one.


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