As many of you are aware, a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels was killed yesterday in a traffic accident. The driver attempted to run afterwards but was soon captured by police and has now been charged with 3 counts of murder (there were two others killed in the accident, one person is in critical condition but expected to survive), drunk driving, driving with a suspended license, hit and run, and probably some other offences.

The player, Nick Adenhart, was all of 22 years old. The accident that took his life happened 5 miles from my house, in an intersection I’ve many, many times.

I don’t believe it’s any more tragic when a famous person is killed than when an average person meets the same fate, and this post really isn’t about Adenhart or the young man who’s decision to drive after drinking (and with a suspended license) took the lives of 3 innocent people. It’s more about my own reaction to the incident, and the reminder that the end of one’s life can come at any time.

An even like this causes one to reflect on one’s own life, and ask the question, “If I was to die tomorrow, what would I leave behind?”

I have a wife and two wonderful sons, two nieces and two nephews, close and extended family members, a few friends and many friendly acquaintences. I’ve been an educator for 12 years, and like to believe that I’ve touch the lives of a few students along the way.

Our lives are fleeting, and the true measure of our worth is the memories we leave in the hearts and minds of those we leave behind.


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  1. Mr. Dooley on

    Very well said. It is important to live our lives as if we won’t be here tomorrow, and your last sentence really sums up that sentiment. Thanks for the reminder!

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