Not a great day…

We all have dark days, days when the weight of the world seems to be weighing on our shoulders. Days when we doubt ourselves, our abilities, our choice of career.

I had one of those today.

It wasn’t so much events of today that made it one of “those” days, but rather news of those events. Heard about a couple of grumpy parents, was gently scolded by an assistant principal, and basically felt the oppression of my to-do list, all the while sitting in a conference 90 miles from school.

I’ve worked through most of the self-doubt now, and I’m feeling better about myself, but really need a good night’s sleep to solidify this positivity.


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  1. eduguy101 on

    These days happen, it’s true. Remain faithful and count the positives that you have been a part of and witnessed, it helps.

    When all else fails I do one of the following:
    –Find one of your positive shining star teachers and just chat for a little bit.
    –Go to the lunch room and talk to kids!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

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