Now what the hell are we supposed to do?

I’m irritated. No, I’m pissed!

Our esteemed governor just announced that he’s proposing another $650 billion cut from schools, on top of already-huge cuts imposed earlier.

This annoys me, but it’s not really why I’m pissed. What I’m really pissed about is the ignorant, bigoted a**bags that immediately jump on the “it’s all the illegal aliens’ fault!” bandwagon whenever the issue of the state budget comes up.

(These are not researched conclusions, admittedly. I’m going on gut instinct here. But this is my blog, and I get to do that. If you have hard numbers to support an alternative point of view, please share them. If you’re going on gut instinct, too, post to your own blog, please. This is my space to say what I want.)

These a**bags claim that the state’s fortunes are being drained by the welfare-sucking, public-services-draining, non-tax-paying illegal aliens who’ve invaded our fine state. Well, a**bags, think about this:

– if we allow the children of illegal aliens to attend schools, the next generation, whether they arrived legally or not, will be educated. If we don’t, they won’t. What will uneducated people contribute to our state? Much less than educated people. Worried about crime? People who can’t get jobs because they aren’t educated are more likely to commit crimes than those with jobs.
– people aren’t coming to this country illegally because they want food stamps. They come, legally and illegally, for the same reasons every immigrant has come here; to build a life for themselves and their families better than they would have had in their country of origin. If we want to stop illegal immigration, we need to 1) make legal immigration easier, and 2) spend the money we would have spent on barbed wire fences and border agents on supporting economic growth and development and political stability in the source countries for our illegal immigration. Get rid of the reasons they’re moving here, and no more illegal immigration problem!
– you are disguising a racist argument as an economic one. You don’t care about how much money the state spends on illegal immigrants; you care that you are no longer in the racial majority, and that scares you, because the new majority might just try to treat you like you treated them.
– you think illegal immigrants commit more crimes than US citizens and illegal immigrants? Back that one up with data. I believe most people who come here illegally do the best they can to make it here following majority of our rules (except for the immigration ones, that is). Hardworking people of any origin should be welcomed here. It’s human nature to look for a scapegoat when things are tough. What I hope people keep in mind is that it was this very nature that allowed people like Adolf Hitler to come to power- he offered the people a convenient target to blame for all the country’s woes.

Does all this mean that I believe illegal immigration is not a problem, that I think we should open the state’s coffers to them simply because “it’s tough where they came from?” No, not at all. I think immigration should be regulated for the safety and security of the US. But building walls, digging trenches, and training guard dogs won’t stop the flow of illegal immigrants if the factors that are pushing them here are not resolved; people will continue to take risks to increase their odds of survival.

I don’t think it’s in the interest of our state, or our country, to point the finger of blame for our problems on those who have come here illegally. The vast majority of immigrants come for all the right reasons, the same reasons that drove our European ancestors here, and have the same intentions: to build a life, and to contribute to society.


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  1. sean williams on

    Amen, brother. Well said ~ thank you.

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