My day- no, my year!- has been made!

I received this email from a coworker/friend from my last school today, and I’m all a-glow about it! The students referenced, twin boys, were certainly a handful when I worked with them last year, but a big part of their issues were beyond their control; they’d been abused and had a host of emotional issues as a result, but were good kids overall.

Here’s what my friend sent me (the names have been changed for privacy):

“I received a wonderful compliment for you yesterday that I wanted to share with you.  I’ve been working with the ‘Smith’ twins all year and we have had our ups and downs.  They’ve both been suspended for assault and cited by the SRO at some point in the year.  At other times, they’ve been fine.  Anyway, for the past month ‘Jerry’ has made two different plans to commit suicide.  However, through therapy, he has sort of come out of it.  I met with ‘Jane’ (the grandmother) yesterday for about 2 hours.  ‘Jerry’ won’t graduate because he’s failed many many classes here, but she wanted to share with me how great these two years have been for the boys.  She told me that YOU were a turning point in their lives.  You were the first male that the boys really trusted and that they just think the world of you.  They have come to like me too, but you are the man.”
I’ve had some dark moments this year, when I’ve questioned if I’m doing the right thing. This email is going up on my wall for the next time I feel those doubts.


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