Facebook snarky-ness

I had this exchange on Facebook today after I’d posted my answer to the Obama School Address poll:

FB FRIEND: Hey, since channel 7 loves the man so much, how about they give him time at say…6 p.m. Anyone who wants to tune in can do so. Keep it out of the schools during school time. And I resent the idea that kids aren’t hearing the message of persist and work hard and stay in school from their teachers, instructional aides, PE teachers, and yes, even their parents. They are. Every single day. So what, if Obama says it, then it will work? Magic. He’s way too full of himself.

ME: I don’t think this comes close to implying that kids aren’t hearing positive messages at school or at home. It’s a pep talk, pure and simple. Like it or not, like him or not, he’s the President of the United States, and as such has the right to address the people of the United States, even school kids. This whole flap is a distraction from REAL issues facing schools and the country at large, and serves only to perpetuate the mindset that we don’t have to listen to ideas we don’t like.
FB FRIEND: You’re right. There are a WHOLE HOST of other issues that need attention, so now, out of the blue, he feels this incredible obligation to give a pep talk to the kids? Convenient. People are going completely crazy over the health care issue, so he needs to distract people from that issue and create a new one. I listened to his ideas, and I did Read Morenot vote for him because I didn’t like his plan for our country. So, yes. He is the President of the Country I live in and love. And I happen to HATE what he’s doing to it. Besides, what would some people have thought if Bush had wanted to pipe his mug into the schools with a “message” to the kids, complete with lesson plans that included (although I do admit, they have been altered – because they got busted) writing a letter to yourself explaining how you can help the President? They changed it because people saw through them and their sneaky, sinister plot. I just don’t trust these people.
ME: This issue would never have been a distraction if those who had raised such a ruckus over a simple address to school kids had used some sense in the first place. And a “sneaky, sinister plot”? Really? Is President Obama meeting in some secret lair, planning to take over the world? Is he going to say, “Hey, kids, while I’ve got you here, why don’t you go tell your parents to give all their money to the government so welfare moms and illegal immigrants can have their hard-earned cash?” No, that’s not happening, any more than he’s planning death panels or keeping a list of those who speak out against his policies. He’s a politician with whom you disagree. That’s all. And it’s fine if you disagree! Our system is built on that disagreement- civil, respectful, thoughtful discourse regarding the issues.
But that is what too many of those on the right, and on the left, have forgotten. You hate what you see President Obama doing to the country you love. I respect that, but I hate what I see the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the talking heads on Fox News doing to this country- reducing the level of discourse to shouting at those they don’t agree with, distorting the truth to suit their purposes.

We can disagree on issues and still like, admire, and respect one another.

This particular FB Friend (a middle school principal) is not someone to whom I’m particularly close (I used to work with her husband), but I do like and respect her. It was hard to respond to her statements without sounding like I was attacking her personally, which was not my intent at all.
Without necessarily getting into the issue itself (plenty has been said elsewhere!), what do you think about how the exchange went?

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  1. Hadass Eviatar on

    That’s snarky? You should see some of the discussions I participate in on FB ;-). I think you were remarkably restrained and respectful.

    Of course, as a Canadian I get to have my USAmerican friends tell me that they have more freedoms than I do because I’m a subject and they are not. I’ve refrained from telling them that that makes them objects ;-).

    • middleschoolap on

      Subjects and objects, huh? I think I see a language arts teacher!

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