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How do you find balance?

This question was running around my head this evening as I came home from my Ed.D class. I was thinking about how great it is to be surrounded by so many very, very smart people, and how I come away from these classes excited about my professional future.

Then I thought, why am I excited? How much of my day tomorrow will afford me the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned this evening? How much of the next week? Month? Likely not too much, truth be told.

And that struck me as sad.

When we enter the field of school leadership, we don’t do it with the intention of being bogged down in minutia: we go into it hoping to do good things for kids, to move schools forward, and to put our own stamp on the educational process. Yet we spend our days dealing with trivia; student discipline, payroll, work orders, etc. OK, maybe “trivia” is a bit strong, I don’t think it’s the image any of us had when we decided to leave the classroom and enter administration.

So, how do we find a balance between the ideal image we had of being a school leader and the reality of the day-to-day grind? In a couple of years I’ll probably be looking for my first principal’s job, and want to be able to strike the right balance between school management and school leadership. How have you done it?


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