So, I’m on lunch duty and see a heated “discussion” break out. I head over to see what it’s all about, and Kid A tells me that Kid B has her iPod. Seven other children immediately try to tell me all about the issue, but I shush them and determine who the real players in the incident are. All go to the office to cool their heels for a bit.

I come back to the office, shoo away those who have come to provide moral support or character statements for the ones I’ve already pulled in and get them to write their statements. I read the statements and start my “chats” with each of the involved students. Around this time the district SRO comes by, so he’s in while I’m chatting. Kid B is adamant that it’s her iPod, but can’t tell me what the name of it is (established during the set-up process), and says she doesn’t have the box or receipt for it, so no serial number. Call Kid B’s mom, who tries to browbeat me into giving the iPod back to Kid B, because she’s “her mom and knows her kid’s iPod!” I politely tell Ms B that I will happily release the iPod to the child that can provide me with proof (serial number, receipt, etc) of ownership. Ms B says her husband will come down to talk to me about it. I say, “Fine. Just have him bring proof that it’s Kid B’s iPod.”

Call Kid A’s mom, let her know what’s going on. Got her cell, but left a message. Two minutes later I get a call- she’s got the serial number I’m looking for. Kid B, eventually, confesses to taking it out of Kid A’s backpack in the gym locker room. Call Kid B’s house. Mom doesn’t answer, talk to stepdad. He’s shocked, quiet. Kid B is suspended, Kid A gets her stuff back (along with a lecture from Mom about bringing valuable stuff to school and leaving it unattended).

Oddly enough, still haven’t heard from Mom B to apologize for her behavior. Hmm.


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  1. sean williams on

    Sad that while I was ready this I could SEE it unfolding from memory. Not the exact same players but the same situation. From my experience, you will be waiting a while for Mom B to talk to you.

    • middleschoolap on

      Not really expecting a reply from Mom B. She actually lied for the kid, said it was her brother who bought the iPod for the girl.
      One of those apple/tree situations, unfortunately.

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