About Me

I’ve been in education for 14 years as a teacher an administrator, married for 13 years, and a parent for 11. I have interests in educational technology and alternative education, particularly at the middle school/junior high level.

When I’m not doing the work thing, I like spending time with my family, running, reading, and craft beer.


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  1. Jenny Wear on

    Hi- I honestly just stumbled upon your blog as I was researching AYP and Middle School AP “stuff” in preparation for a job interview next week. You and your words have just captured everything that makes me love what I do. I don’t even know how to explain myself here – just stay with me for a sec- but your humor and honesty have inspired me (I sound like a freak) to keep pushing myself out of the funk I’m in right now. Like you, I’ve been an educator for a LONG time, as teacher and counselor, and now I want to get into administration. At least, I think I do. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you have put a smile on my face for the first time in a while, and I know my family will appreciate that!

    Jenny Wear
    Lead Counselor
    Cedartown High School

    • middleschoolap on

      Thank you for the kind words, Jenny! I’m glad you found something worthwhile here, and that it made you smile- believe me, your comment returned the favor!
      Good luck with your interview, and your leap into the admin offices (if that’s where you decide you want to be).

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